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Recreational Sports Complex Azadi Bagheri

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Azadi Bagheri Residential Sports Complex with 9500 square meter infrastructure is considered as one of the main recreational centers of the south of the country and Yasuj, which has various sections such as equipped suites, glass restaurant, coffee shop , Martial arts, gym, wrestling, boxing, billiards, swimming pool, women's aerobics, city games and more.


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Recreational Sports Complex Azadi Bagheri is located in the best and most elegant Yasuj Point with a beautiful view overlooking the beautiful river Bashar and the mountains of Basselabat and Dana, in the 6th floor.
The devices used in this massive recreational sports resort are from the Brentviz American companies and the UK matrix. It is worth mentioning that parts of bowling, rock climbing, restaurant battalions and children's pool were first launched in Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad province.
Azadi Bagheri Residential Sports Complex is able to hold all national and international sports competitions and is ready to welcome all domestic and foreign tourists and tourists.

  • Background information

    Azadi Bagheri Residential Amusement Complex, the largest recreational sports complex in the south of the country, was arranged in February 2005.
  • Specific information

    Equipped suites: Azadi Bagheri Residential Amusement Complex with 20 equipped suites and stylish sports needs of the country. The suites of this massive leisure sports complex with a capacity of 2, 3, and four with a full capacity of 65 people can eliminate the concern of domestic and international sports teams. In the making of these residential suites, the most equipped and advanced equipment of the day is used, which allows each athlete to relax in a relaxed and relaxed environment. Also, these suites can play an effective role in attracting tourists to Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad four seasons provinces.
    Prestige Restaurant Located on the roof of the recreational complex, Azadi Bagheri Residence, a variety of Iranian and foreign cuisine with the most beautiful views overlooking the city of Yasouj and the Bashar River and the Dena Mountain, is open to welcome from our compatriots. The restaurant, which has been constructed with capacity, is the newest food served. The restaurant, with luxurious decoration and excellent service, will be a great place for great guests.

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