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Stabrag Salt desert, Babak City

(60 رای)

Stabrag  Salt desert  is desert that is more than 200 years old, a shallow lake that has been dried due to climatic changes and is now in a state of destitution.

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The salt desert is located in the city of Babak, 16 km south of Shahrbabak, in the area of the village of Kebaran, Kerman province. Interestingly, it is interesting to note that in 2 km away, fresh water and gourava make a difference for tourists. It seems that the lake is a continuous bursa of Sirjan salt. The height of the desert is about 1754 m above sea level and has a northern southern plain. The length of the desert is about 4 km and its width is at most 1.5 km. Due to the presence of a natural wall on the east side of the desert, seasonal flood and inbound spas from the north and south of the desert are gathered in this place and due to the salinity of the upper soils, it has handed desert and salt to the area. From the high elevations of this area, the Klaqun Mountain is 8 km northeast and seven mountains 16 km east of it.

  • Specific information

    There is no vegetation visible inside the desert. Only on the margin of the desert are visible halophytes and salty plants such as Ashnan and Gaz. Outside of the desert area, vegetation including Haloxylon, Gon, Wild Spinach, Chickpea, Kakotti, Ferphyum, Flower Wheat, Chickpea, Angus, Lily of the Valley, Melika, Chasheres, Mirhosan hats can be found in areas where the soil salinity is reduced. Caravanshahr, Ephedra, Scanbill, Taha, Schech, Parand, Gaz, Lemon, Chamomile, Field Nocturnal Meat, Rhubarb, Esfand, Salad, Salmon, Chirinck. There are also many palm trees on the margin of the desert.
  • Best time

    Access to this desert is possible through the communication road of the city of Babak to the village of Tikraq (Mazra).
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