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Suspension bridge Pir taghi Khalkhal

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Pendulum Suspension Bridge has become one of the tourist attractions of Ardebil province, which is located near the part of the Hashtjin district of Khalkhal city. Pigeon is actually the tallest pedestrian bridge in the mountainous region called "Durand Myshkul", passing through it is an exciting recreation for travelers and tourists.

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Laying Pyatogh Khalkhal is just like the pictures you see from the dangerous bridges of the world. Long and long with ropes that hold the shaken wood together and pass through the deep valleys, the Ardabil Ardabil pendant suspended at the junction of two Ghiyahi and Qezel Ozan rivers is 70 meters long and one meter wide, and its height The river reaches 60 meters.

  • Specific information

    Suspended suspension bridge in the deep and beautiful valleys of Hashtjin city of Khalkhal functions is perhaps one of the highest suspended bridges in Iran. Crossing the bridge, which passes through the deep valleys, will surely bring one of the most exciting moments to visitors with its shakes. Many people visit the city every year to visit the bridge.
  • Outlook

    Walking through the pendant bridge of Khalkhal, the sound of dry wood, the cool breeze of Hashtjin, and the quiet fall of water from the heart of the mountain makes the dream more dreamy. A frenetic and frightening dream that can be transformed into a relaxed atmosphere passing through the 70-meter bridge path.
    The village of Pyrati, located near the bridge, is home to only one household and was previously used by researchers who traveled to the region to study and construct a dam at the bottom of the river.
  • Recommendation

    After traveling to Hashtjin, once you have experienced the excitement of crossing the Pyatigaki Khalkhal Suspension Bridge, you have the opportunity to visit the small towns and enjoy the natural scenery. Aqq Peak is one of the exciting places you can experience in Hashtjin
  • Requirements

    To pass this bridge you need to have a lot of daring, simple hiking boots, season dresses and a raincoat suit.

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