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Tizno House Dezful

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The historic Tizno House is numbered 2573 in the series of national works of Iran and is one of the largest and most beautiful houses in the Qalee neighborhood, located on the eastern side of the main square of the neighborhood.

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Tizno Dezful House is based on the richly-featured architecture of Dezful, made of bricks and clay, in the form of an Esfahani juniper. The entrance of the building is in the vicinity of the Moazi seminary. And the entrance to the house is from the western side of the building and from the center of the neighborhood of the castle. (It was destroyed by the construction of a coastal street.) On either side of the entrance there are small platforms called Khajehneshin who are tired to rest for the rest of the waiting room or sitting to be used to open the waiting room.

  • Background information

    The main body of the Tizno-Dezful House belongs to the Safaviye period, which has seen major changes during the Qajar and early Pahlavi times.
  • Specific information

    The Qlee district is the oldest neighborhood in Dezful, originally known for its proximity to the military castle built for the sassani bridge.
  • Outlook

    : After passing through the great and beautiful chamber, we arrive at a space called the " vestibule ", which acts as a dividing space, from the left to the outer (the reception area of the guests) and from the right to the interior (Home space). In addition, the pentagon prevents direct passersby from outside to indoor spaces due to confidentiality. Under the roof of the Chinese sweat, the official vagina has been stained, and these formalities are durable, eight-and-a-half-eight. Foam is a puddle of riverine rubble.
    After passing through the vestibule, we arrive at the outer space of the house. The beautiful courtyard, which at first glance looks at the eyes of every visitor to the far-reaching brickwork, that the undercautious Dezfoulian architects, with their elegance, have beautifully designed designs with evolved bricks The Safaviye period has created. The beautiful view of the house with Roman arches, five and seven, despite its diversity, has exhibited a beautiful and magnificent symmetry.
  • More Info

    The main interior of the house is inland, with a main porch on the ground floor and two verandahs on the first floor. The flooring of the yard is made using bricks with dimensions of 20.20.3. The building has two floors and the ground floor is 4 steps above the courtyard. It is located in front of the main porch and ground floor rooms.
    In the interior and exterior of the building, this building is located above the vaults with beautiful, subtle bricks with a variety of designs that attracts the attention of each viewer.
    The main courtyard view was clogged with sash, which produced sunlight on a porcelain veneer lacquer glass on the porch. On the two sides of the main porch, there are small chambers called "Gholam Garseh or Goshvar".

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