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Yakh Morad Cave

(84 رای)

Yakh Morad Cave is one of the ideal destinations for winter tourism and it offers a good opportunity for ecotourists to visit this beautiful cave.

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  •  Yakh Morad Cave
  •  Yakh Morad Cave
  •  Yakh Morad Cave
  •  Yakh Morad Cave
 Yakh Morad Cave  Yakh Morad Cave  Yakh Morad Cave  Yakh Morad Cave مشاهده گالری

Known for its stalactites, the cave is located near the villages of Azadbar and Kohneh Deh in Gachsar, Alborz province.

  • Background information

    Even Kohneh Deh Village has numerous natural attractions. Since the village has been ruined and evacuated several times due to flooding and was inhabited again, it came to be known as Kohneh Deh (meaning Old Village).
  • Best time

    The cave`s stalactites are in best shape during Feb19 - April 19. Due to the cave`s cool interiors, the stalactites remain until June.
  • By Car Visitors should travel via Chalous Road to reach the cave. After traveling 60 km and passing through Nesa Village, they reach a bridge that terminates at a dirt road. After traveling a further 12 km, they reach a crossroad, to the left of which is Azadbar Village and to its right is the cave.

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