Zagros restaurant of Isfahan

(57 رای)

Zagros is an ultra-high-rise restaurant that lets you see the whole view of Isfahan and enjoy its free air.

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  • Address : Iran - Esfahan - Esfahan Mountainous Park

Zagros Restaurant serves lunch and dinner, breakfast and evening meals. That is, whenever you want, it serves you. We suggest you try it and enjoy the rich variety of foods and delicious foods in addition to its environment. The menu of Zagros restaurant in Isfahan includes 49 fully-prepared meals.

  • Specific information

    Special facilities at the Zagros Mountains of Sofheh, Esfahan, include private parking, a free van service for transporting the distance between the car park and the restaurant for the well-being of the guests. Other features include two indoor halls and three outdoor halls for catering, a coffee shop and seminar hall in a totally different space and a great outlook for the entire city of Isfahan, which you can experience by providing a special service.
  • Best time

    Starting a lunch service from 12:00 to 16:00 and starting your service from 20:00 to 23:00
  • Recommendation

    There is a variety of green space options, water and water ponds, open spaces for cooking, cooking facilities, and various kinds of playgrounds. Walking and walking, this place has become a place for people to entertain and recreate.
  • More Info

    restaurant menu
    Zagros Surprise - A mix of selected chefs
    Zagros Special Kebab
    Special leaf feed
    Soltani kebab
    Lamb barbecue
    Yogurt barbecue
    Bulgarian barbecue
    Sour grilled fillet
    Sage chicken kebab
    Kebab Quebec Bakhtiari
    Scallop Mix Grilled
    Grilled Chicken
    Chicken with bone
    Kebab for pheasants
    Grill Gear
    Wicker barbecue
    kubideh kebab
    Kebab Quail

    Buffet salad menu:
    Types of salads, yogurt, pickles and ...

    Dessert Menu:
    Jelly, Tiramisu, Caramel and ...

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