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.Pazan Pir Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad

(48 رای)

The peak of pazan-e-Pir with a height of 4280 m is one of the high mountains of Kohkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, located on the border of Qashqai district of Isfahan. The old man is located on the southern side of the Dhana Mountains and in the south of Bijan, and is the highest peak in the area.


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across the western faces of the summit, covered by rocky and sandy walls, and its northern tipping line reaches the Nul and Dangzello valley, and the south reaches the Great Plains of Vergi

  • Outlook

    The climbing route to the summit is the best time to climb to the summit of Pierre in early July. The Wagga Plain route does not seem to fit the winter as a result of the successive avalanches. For this purpose, the climb route is more suitable through the Khorokhdah plain and the Carnagh plain of Gargi through the western edge.
  • Must know

    Among the easiest and easiest access routes, a small village called Kakan in the way of Shiraz.
    From the Kakan, the road leads along with a lot of shafts, with our vehicle to the south face of the summit. The two main southern edges of the old foot of each old one split in two different directions from its summit and form a vast plain among themselves. The plain at the end is a bit lean and there is no big snow spot in it. Below this plain, called a wolf, we take the vehicle (1) to the center of the plain to the eastern edge slightly (2). A small stream in the form of a river flowing from the snowboard to the plain. A cool, smooth, and blue air ahead of us. Height increases. The path to the east of the eastern elevation traverses as the traversing up and down. Finally, on the top of the snowfall, we traverse the path to the left (3) and climb a steep slope to the 4280-meter-long summit. A visit to the tower of the tower like Dena in the north and the needle in the south is considered to be the old point of view.

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