Abashar DeheBar of Sun Yasouj

(11 رای)

 DeheBar Waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad. There are several water springs in the area, all of which originate from the Dana mountains.


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The height of the waterfall is about 8 meters. To gain access to the waterfall 2 km from the closet, a dirt road extending 1 km from the main road extends eastwards to the waterfall and the springs.

  • Specific information

    A tight closet is located in a valley between the uplanded mountains and covered with solid oak forests, and a charming valley of the endless creation of the Lord, which is the song of the birds of love with the flow of streams and gentle air and The relaxing cooling of the human soul. In these very attractive attractions, the recreational camps and short-term lodging facilities have a special attraction in the spring and summer.
  • Best time

    : The seasons of spring and summer are the best time to welcome dear tourists in this area
  • Must know

    Tight closet is located in the best-known weather zones of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, with the main asphalt road access road.
  • More Info

    Tang Ganjee Tourist Area is located 13 km from Yasuj city and on the Yasuj-to-Thad Hard axis in a valley with very high plantain trees and oak woodland. The air is very cool and comfortable passing the river from the path. Between the valleys and the palm trees of the strata, the Sinclair has made the area a very beautiful tourist destination.

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