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Abashar Feiz Abad Rawar

(31 رای)

Due to the presence of boulders in the direction of the water and the rapid launch of the Faizabad waterfall in Rawor, there is a sound surge in space. The height of the cascade is less than 5 meters, but its flow has made Feyzabad one of the most beautiful rural areas in the northern province.

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  • Must know

    Access to this village is possible through the Rawar road to Kobanan, Tarz village and then the Faizabad Subway Road.
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    Fayzabad village, which is about 5 centuries old, has a natural position with an average elevation of 2160 meters and 45 kilometers northwest of Rawor. Mount Goodarnar, with a height of 2463 m in the south and southwest, is a mountain in water with a height of 3040 m 2 km south and south east of this abattoir. The valley of Fayizabad is also formed by the direction of the south and west to the northeast, where the village is located inside the valley. Workers in mining, agriculture, and horticulture are major enterprises as well as carpet weavers (50 machines). Handicrafts include garlic, cherry, cherry, peach and gherkovo, as well as major crops including cereals (wheat and barley) and Forage plants (alfalfa). A shrine called Fatima Bint Javad (Imam Zadeh, Bibi Fatemeh) is considered to be a cultural and historical monument.

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