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Abashar and Ravar (Different Rivers) Jiroft

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Vervar Waterfall (Raza Farah) Jiroft, which originates from the "Different" river, is considered to be the most beautiful tourist attraction of Amberabad city.

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The river Saraq is located at the mouth of the river water that flows from the southern Jalbbarz area, especially the summit of the Shahr-e-Shahr, and flows from the waterfall of Jiroft to the Parvaz River; the distance from the village of Faragh to the waterfall is about 10 km, which is the mountains The two sides of the river, with a very steep slope, prevent the passage, and the only way to cross the river, due to the very steep slopes and the presence of very large granite stones that are placed in some directions on each other. Finding it is impossible to find out if you miss an object, which causes it to slow down, and so it's 10 km It takes about three hours.

  • Specific information

    In addition to the waterfall of Jiroft (Jiroft River), the existence of historical castles for historic building enthusiasts has provided another opportunity to visit such works as Castle Foregh and Qala Salar Reza. The unique greenery of the region and its special environs have made this region one of the most sought after places in Kerman. Due to the huge height of this waterfall, the waterfall ends up in the form of pours and creates very favorable conditions in the fall zone, especially in the warm seasons.
  • Outlook

    Although there is a difference in the height of the cascade and the river (Jarrah), but from the angle of failure at the highest point to the surface of the pond is 150 meters. According to members of the relief and rescue team of the Red Crescent Mountain Province for rolling the wall, after a 160-meter rope crash, about 30 meters of rock climbing up to the bottom of the cascade has been made. Also on the way to the main waterfall, there are other waterfalls like "Twin" and "Flat".
  • Must know

    Flush waterfall (Raza Farah) is located at the summit of "Alam Shah" peak, which is considered to be the tallest peak of 3741 meters. Every year, a large number of climbers and the nature of friends travel to the destination of this region and its heights. The access to this waterfall and peak of the Shah's knowledge, especially in March, has been accompanied by unparalleled contrasts such as orchards of orange citrus fruits, a vast plain and a dream of Nargis flowers, a rocky bed of the river, a rising waterfall and above, a snowfall And ice is the peak of the science of the Shah, and all this, in less than a half-day of march to the lovers of nature and the mountaineers. In this area, the journey in the valleys and villages like Vervar, Korour, Qasbah and Amjes on the upper hand of the cascade will bring a massive memory of memorable memories.
    From the two routes of Amjes and Rudfrqh, this waterfall can be reached, in the first course of citrus orchards, mountain alder forests and baneh, birds like Quebec, Amjes planks, meadows and canals, nomadic nomads and areas rich in plants. Drugs such as Artemisia, Talpura and Chamomile are eye-catching, and on the second track are citrus orchards, cottages, rivers, plains covered with Nargis Qala flower
    A stone carries a demonstration. At the top of the waterfall is a relatively large area called Wood.
  • More Info

    Considering that Mount Alam Shah with a height of 3741 m is the highest peak, this height is very interesting to the height of Jiroft city, which is 670 m.

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