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Abashar three cornne (Mahan) Mahan

(11 رای)

Three Kanj (Caspian) waterfall Mahan is one of the most famous walkways in Kerman; a mountainous and mountainous region with two beautiful waterfalls and adjoining mountains suitable for climbing.

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  • Address : Iran - Kerman - Mahan 25 km east of Mahan

Three cones are one of the big villages and the center of the village of three cores, located in the east of Mahan and north of the Bam Road - Kerman (6 km from the road after the road police), and three cores to the city of Kerman 50 and up to 15 km 15 months. . In the east of the village of three cores, with a distance of less than 4 km, there are tall piles of trees with long stone walls and riveting rivers, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful and most interesting river near the center of Kerman province.

  • Specific information

    Moving along the river's edge, passing through the abundance of trees and boulders, passing through the small and noiseless waterfalls, as well as the walls and riggs, at the top of the mountains that swept everywhere; an unforgettable image to the show Lays. To the main waterfall, a 10-meter-wide slab that slopes down the slope of 80 degrees into a rock pit and propagates the plowing in space.
  • Outlook

    Fountains and Cascade Falls are located about 4 hours walk in the cool and beautiful Sakanj valley and blue tears of the eyes near the peak of the Pulvar erupts from the rocks out of which half of the valley and the village of Sakanj In the southern part of the peninsula, half of it is in the village of Jowshan in the north of the Polar Mountains. The wonders of nature in this area require more research.
    Following the departure of the main pond, the river water follows a spiral movement, and goes down 2 to 3 meters from the side of the single willow trees to continue in the other ponds, calmly and again, at the foot of the willows and hawthorn trees.
  • More Info

    Mazar Sheikh Ali Baba is one of the well-known disciples of Shah Nematollah Wali who is also in three cores. In this village, along a large stream with a few kilometers of planar cliffs, some of which are so stubborn that they make the viewer stunned by their grandeur and oldness.

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