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Abbasr Avon Mahdishahr

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Oban waterfall is located on the border between the provinces of Semnan and Mazandaran in the protected area of ​​Dodanje and its water flows to the Shirin river. Obun in the local language means underwater. The waterfall height is about 1800 meters

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  • Address : Semnan - Sangasar - Malladeh - Oban Waterfall

Oban Waterfall is one of the most beautiful and fresh waterfalls in Iran at the depths of the Dodanje Forest. This waterfall is fed from the natural spring to the upstream end and flows into the Shirinood river.

  • Outlook

    O'Bon is a beautiful cascading in the hills of tall trees that have created a spectacular view of the tourists.
  • Best time

    The best season to visit this spring and summer waterfall. Due to the location of this place on the border of Semnan and Mazandaran, it has a cool climate and has good weather in the early seasons.
  • Recommendation

    Take a bike ride in the beautiful woods around this beautiful tourist attraction. Hats and gloves and a bicycle are the tools needed for a good recreation near this beautiful waterfall. Also, if you intend to stay overnight, it is advisable to bring full night camping equipment to enjoy camping along the waterfall.

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