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Abviy Zahedan House (Za'im's home)

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Abu'yi's home of Zahedan, also known as Za'im's House, is one of the historic houses of Zahedan, which was built in 1311 by the Master Mahmoudi (Yazdi architect) for a person named Za'im Abu Ali has been made. One of the characteristics of the Abu'yi's index is the existence of wind farms and its basin.

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Construction of the Zahedan Abu Zayedan home (Za'im's house) by Professor Mohammad Ali Mahmoudi of Yazd Architects has been for a person named Mr. Zaim Aboui, a justice officer. Until the year 1340, the building was exploited and later used the heirs and abandoned after a while.
This building with an area of 483 square meters was erected on a plot of land of 813 square meters.
The construction and construction of the Zahedan home (home of Za'im) has been well utilized in traditional, indigenous and regional architectural elements. In the construction of brick and mortar used together, but the dominant materials, especially in the facade, is brick.

  • Specific information

    Zahedan's house of Zahedan (home of Za'im) is restored by a beautiful cultural heritage with bricks, wires, flowers, plaster, etc. It is used as a cultural center and traditional workshop of Zahedan.
  • Outlook

    the main entrance of the building of the Zahedan home of the house (Za'im House) is located at the end of the northwest, and the entrance to the brick entrance has a beautifully crafted vault. It opens into a vestibule, built in an octagonal grille in the center of its dome. From the south side of the penthouse, the main courtyard can be found, with a set of architectural elements and rooms on the northern, southern and eastern sides of the courtyard.
    On the northern side of the courtyard is a collection of winter chambers and on the southern side of the complex, summer cottages and on the east side of the Anbar's kitchen and other facilities. On the northern side, in addition to the octagon, there are three main rooms and three smaller minor rooms, somewhat on the other side of the courtyard. In the northeastern and southeast of the central courtyard, there are two indoor aisles that can be accessed through the northeastern corridor of the yard on one side to the kitchen and on the other to the stairs leading to the roof. On the east side of the yard, besides the kitchen, there are several rooms and storerooms. The kitchen has tenor, ovens and multiple storage rooms and a newly built bathroom at the bottom.
    On the southern side of the fairway is a fairly lofty and widespread depth of 4 meters and with a crater of 5,5 meters in the center of the south side of the courtyard, which was used in the summer. The central porch of the basin and the building of the rooms on the southern side have been considered as the summer residence of the inhabitants of the home. Along the eastern side of the south side, in the vicinity of the porch, there are three rooms - the middle patio of the house. Over the roof of the basement room, a beautiful, cylindrical brick pitcher with eight winding grids is located. The wind is covered by grooves or channels mounted on walls. Waterfront or several circular ditches were intermittently guided and, after cooling and wetting, went to adjacent rooms.
    The entrance to the pond through the southeastern corridor of the courtyard has created an octagonal pond with four gardens around it in order to stretch the air and home space in the center of the main courtyard. To cover the ceiling of all rooms, the dome style is used.
  • Source

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