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Ahwen district

(3 رای)

Ahwen district is located about 30 km east of Semnan and 78 km west of Damghan.

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  • Address : Semnan - Ahwane District

Ahuwan region is a cold and cold area. Sometimes in the winter it was closed by road with wind, cold and cold, and it was not possible to cross the road; therefore, the passengers in the caravanserai would have to make the air suitable, and during this time new passengers Previous travelers joined. This building has an interesting architecture, so that the chambers are opened in the hallway to overturn the warmer cold of winter in the chimneys. Around the village there are several famous villages known as 'Kalteh', which create beautiful landscapes with gardens, various crops and irrigation pools.

  • Background information

    The time of construction of the caravanserai (Rabat Anushirvani) dates from 420 to 421 AH and the construction of the Shah Abbasi Caravanserai in 1097 AH during the Safavid period.
  • Specific information

    In addition to the natural attractions of Ahwān, the presence of two caravanserai or historic ligaments, called Rabat Sangi Anushirvani and Caravanserai Shah Abbasi, has added to the importance of this region.
  • Best time

    Ahuwan region has hard winters, which often leads to road closure. So refrain from traveling to this area during the cold seasons.
  • More Info

    The root of the name Ahwan: Ahwan is the village name. It is 40 km from Semnan to Amir Abad, the owner of the Tahfat al-Razawiyah writes: Since Imam Reza came to Damghan near Damghan, now known as Ahang, he arrived at the service of the Prophet And they said: "If the opponents of the Prophet are to kill you, then you are good." The Prophet said: you can not escape from the Ajlla and pray for them, and so they say that place.

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