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Ajam Mountain

(4 رای)

Mount Ajam, with a height of 2802 meters, is located in the city of Khalkhal, the eastern Senjid district, 12 km to the northeast of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Address : Ardebil-Khalkhal-Easter Senjid Village

Mount Ajam is the third highest summit of Ardebil province and the second highest peak of Khalkhal after the peak of the Agh-dagh (Khalkhal) in the protected and preserved area of Aq-Gohar.

  • Background information

    At the head of the summit, a construction site, from World War II can be seen which was built by the Americans to control the southern part of the former Soviet Union, which is now the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Specific information

    access through the southern route to this summit starts from Andbill, a forest area, and leads to the main mountain range after passing through the forest paths (including densely populated oak trees and raspberries). The southern slope has a steep slope to the top of the summit.
    The northern route has access to the summit due to the very steep slope of the route from the harsh paths.
  • Must know

    The direction of the mountain is northwest-southeast and its geographic coordinates are 4835 and 3742 width.

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