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Al-al-Dawlah's bazaar

(9 رای)

Sheikh Ala'-Dawlah's bazaar starts from the south of Imam Khomeini's street and begins to connect with it. At 2000 meters, it is slightly oriented towards the north and continues at the north of Imam Khomeini Street and connects it to the old cemetery of Alamdar.

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  • Address : Imam Khomeini Street, Semnan

The bazaar was built in the eighth century by Sheikh Ala'Dawollah Semnani Arif, a famous Iranian composer, at the same time as Sheikh Ala'Dawllah's nave building.

  • Background information

    Sheikh Ala'Dawlah's market was registered in 1996 by the Heritage Cultural Institute (No. 1740) in the National Iranian Book List.
  • Specific information

    By repairing and repairing the mosque, a part of this market has been restored with the efforts of the National Organization for the Protection of Antiquities, and there are currently no more than five to six shops, as well as the traditional-style architecture market, taking into account The specific weather conditions of the desert area are built with brick and brick ceilings.