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Alamzadeh Abdullah Yasouj

(20 رای)

Between the road of Yasuj in a village called the House of Greetings. The tomb and tomb of Imam Zadeh Abdullah are located. It is well-known that Prince Abdullah (AS) is the son of Imamzadeh Prince Farajollah (AS) whose tomb is located on the southeast of the Yasuj waterfall. According to the local residents of Mazar Bibi, Halimeh Khatun, the mother of Imamzadeh Abdullah (AS) That tomb is buried in the courtyard.


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  • Address : : Yen Yasuj way in a village called the House of Gharam

Around it there are graves of very old age. Many motifs are carved on the gravestones, which is already evident. Paintings like rifle swords in combat with lion and cow, and other signs and symbols such as multicolored stars, the sun and cold weapons and their lines are mostly Persian and Arabic. The symbols and signs of the graves around this Imam is indicative of the buried form and the status of men's bravery in the battles.

  • Specific information

    The building of Imamzadeh Abdullah (AS) was until the early days of Pahlavi's rule in the style of architecture. Until the victory of the Islamic Revolution, only the grave was visible on the pillars of that vein.

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