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Village gauge located at a height of two thousand and 800 meters above sea level in a mountainous region is one of the functions of the Savojbolagh city. This area has natural scenery and various tourist attractions, including a beautiful and permanent waterfall.

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Village of Gomir from the functions of the ward of Savojbolagh city, with geographical coordinates 50 degrees 58 minutes east longitude 36 degrees and 2 minutes north latitude, 25 kilometers north of Karaj. The village has a sea level of 2250 meters and its climate is moderate in the spring and summer and cold in winter. The valley river, which originates from the northern mountains, flows alongside the village.

  • Background information

    Remaining works from the past, especially the old houses of the village of Gomur and its traditional texture and the materials used in their construction, indicate the long history of the village, the date of the construction of some houses in the Safavid period and Qajar period. Apparently, this village was in the past a place of the Safavid rulers. The people of the village of Gomel speak Gilaki, and they are Muslims and followers of the Shiite parsley.
  • Specific information

    Based on the results of the census in 1996, the village has 186 people and has increased to 650 in 2006. The village has a varied population, so its population is rising in the summer and decreasing in the winter.
    _All of the attractions of this village other than the very beautiful nature of the old village and the houses of shingle and stone, which today is less likely to be found around large cities such as Tehran and Karaj. The existence of several springs, a few hundred years old plain, an old waterfall and old houses in the area have added to the attractiveness of the village tourism tourism.
  • Best time

    spring and summer
  • More Info

    The village of Gomorrah is located in a mountainous area and has a central residential texture. Villagers are often built on a floor with flat roofs on a slope of the mountain slope, without a fence or courtyard. These houses are linked to a steep slope through rocky steps. Most of the materials used in old houses include carcasses of rocks, flowers and wood. Wooden meshwork with beautiful colored glass still remains in many homes. In the construction of new houses, the number of which is very small, bricks, cement, iron and doors and metal windows are used.
    The village is surrounded by natural landscapes and beautiful landscapes due to its location in a mountainous region adjacent to the permanent and flowing river of the mountains of the north of the village. The gardens and the old trees and the landscape of the surrounding mountains and its lush vegetation are one of the most valuable attractions of the village of the gauge.
    The materials used in traditional houses are often wood, and old wooden roofs with colored glass still remain in many residential units. So, on many of the carved and latticed structures, the date of construction and the name of the manufacturer have been crafted. The traditional structure of the village and old houses and the type of materials they are very interesting.
    The handicrafts and souvenirs of the village of the gauge include socks, hats, gloves, scarves, and more.
  • Pros

    Despite the small distance (60 km) with Tehran, the gauge is one of the few villages where traditional textiles and old houses are preserved with a native historical identity.

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