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Alborz Gachsast

(19 رای)

Gachsar is a rural name from the Asarah functions of Karaj city and on the Karaj road to Chalous. This village is located 65 km northeast of Karaj. The height of this village is 2230 meters above sea level.

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  • Address : Karaj Road - Chalous - Gachsar Village

Gachsar tulip garden is at 52 km distance from Chalous road in the village of Garmab. Tulips in this garden include a variety of varieties including star, margin, flagstone, jumper, cup and hangman in yellow, red, orange, purple and pinkish colors. The garden, located in an area of nearly 10,000 meters, exhibits 32 species of 1,400 tulip species, a small sample of the Laleh Keuken Holt of the Netherlands, a 10,000-hectare garden, one of the largest tulips in the world.

  • Background information

    Garchar is a beautiful village located in the north of the city of Karaj and the end of the Asara district. The village dates back to the Safavid period, named after Gachsar because it has rich gypsum mines. The gypsum climate is mild and cool throughout all seasons. In order to make people more aware of how to propagate and produce tulip in Iran, Laleh Farms established the first Laleh Garden in the Gachsar region in 1360, which now produces and reproduces in the garden more than 30 varieties of tulip flowers and a million tons of tulip bulbs. To be
  • Specific information

    : The Gachsar village is located in a mountainous area with a variety of beautiful natural attractions, some of which are the Fountain of Volhad, located in the southwest of Gachsar and northwest of the village of Volhad, and is two kilometers from Gachsar Hotel. . The water of this spring is from a group of cold sulfur calcium bicarbonate waters, which is said to result from the recovery of sulfate. Use of this mineral water is recommended for the treatment of cutaneous diseases, respiratory tract and rheumatism. Springs are the most famous natural attraction of Gachsar Village.
    The Ice Moraved Cave is located on the road of Tehran-Chalous in the beautiful Azkabar Gachsar area and is accessible to the village within two hours of walking. The cold inside the cave is as large as it can be seen in June. In the spring, the flowers and plants are fragrant and beautiful, cover the outside of the cave and provide a pleasant atmosphere for temporary accommodation of tourists. Gachsar River passes through the village. The margin of the river has become a promenade and a shadow of aroar with various trees such as walnuts and apples.
    From the monuments of the Gachsar village, one can mention the following: Two kilometers from Gachsar, there is a polyphony with a special architecture, dating back to the period of the Ilkhani, probably restored in the Safavid period. The village of Gachsar was built under the rule of Reza Shah and is now being exploited as a hotel. Gypsum grills are located 3 kilometers south of Gachsar. The dates of these furnaces are attributed to the Qajar period.
  • Best time

    The flowering time of grasshopper gulls is roughly the same as the Dutch tulips in May and early May. The time of visiting this garden and the festival of tulip flowers is usually early and mid-May, which, of course, affects the beginning or end of the course of the cold or early heat.
  • Recommendation

    The Liberty Hotel Gachsard is a very pleasant weather that lies north of Mazandaran province, southwards to Asareh and Karaj districts, to the west to Taleghan, and to the east to Shemshak. It is a great place to relax and eat. This hotel, which is a mansion dating back to the first Pahlavi era, is set with an old restaurant with high ceilings on the mountain and among the beautiful trees in this mountainous area.
  • Must know

    Visiting Garch Garden is free and there are no specific restrictions on destination, each visitor interested in enjoying the beauty of the garden available in an environment.

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