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Almalo Goli Sahand Wetland

(19 رای)

Almalo Goli Sahand Wetland Lagoon is located at 2,400 meters southeast of Sahand Highlands.

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The almalo mud with an area of 30 hectares, due to its high altitude, is far from the catchment area and is fed solely by snow and rain due to its lack of connection to a particular spring.

  • Specific information

    Aquatic plants of Almalogoli wetland provide a suitable environment for the nesting and breeding of different types of birds, so that in spring, a number of aquatic bird species such as greenheads and chengers can be observed.
  • Outlook

    The entire surface of the lake and the Almalogoli Lake are covered with aquatic plants and there are very few empty spaces in the courtyard and elsewhere. The lands of Almalogoli Wetland are surrounded by large herds of domesticated livestock, and due to excessive livestock trapping, the soil of the surrounding natural Almalogoli lake has been severely damaged and has lost its income for growing plant species.
  • Must know

    Access to Almalogoli Lagoon, mountain road and mountain range is 48 kilometers long and extends 66 kilometers from the west of Tabriz-Middle Road.

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