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Amjaz Amberabad Strait

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Amjes Strait, Kerman Province, 25 km east of Amberabad, is a large river (Baneh) and an Abadi River that originates from the high peaks of the middle reaches.

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The origins of this river begin from the eastern slopes of the beautiful Amjoy Mountains, and after passing through the gardens of walnut, apricots, raspberries, cold-weather villages such as Amjes and Astaneh go into the tropical region. In the course of the course, citrus gardens and Gurney port dates, marshes, tufts and bushes leave the miles to continue in the plain and create thick and sometimes deep grooves.

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    The beginning of the trip to the strait begins at the mouth of the beard, which is 24 kilometers east. A strait through which graceful attractions such as springs, stone walls, waterfalls, etc. are experienced. In the part of the strait that is famous for the lake. The stone walls are more than 40 meters in height and 5 to 10 meters in width, with the flow of water at the bottom giving pleasure to the nature and the adventurers. In the part of the walls of this strait, the water-filled stone pools reveal cascading waters, the sound of their water on the floor of the Strait has a magnitude of 100.
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    Anbar Abad Shahrastani, once a part of Jiroft. Among the southern provinces is the province which is 601 meters above sea level, west to Esfandagh district and Faryab district, east to Reagan district of Bam province, south to Kahnoj and Rudbar south and north to Jiroft city. . The city has a warm, humid climate as it reaches 50 ° C in the summer. Although there are cold and temperate mountainous regions. Most of the rainfall is in the winter and autumn. The most important permanent flow of the province of Kerman, Halil Rood, passes through the west of the city.

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