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Anniversary of Isma'il Mahlo Trud

(60 رای)

Deq Ismail Mahlou is located in the province of Semnan and north of the central Kavir (Quay plain). The center of the fair is covered with rugged clay soils, and there are scattered volcanic hills in it.

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This area is limited to the south by the playground of the desert, from the north to the pedestrian road to the teachers, from the west to the mountains of the three breasts and from the east to the southern highlands of Trod.
The area is completely covered with desiccated desiccated desiccated (sedimentary) deposits. These sedimentary units are generally composed of tartaric and evaporative degrading stones, which include conglomerate, marl, sandstone and celestine plains.

  • Specific information

    There is no visible vegetation inside Dahm Ismail Mahlou. Only on the margin of the eye are visible halophytes and passionate plants such as Ashnan and Gaz. Outside of the Precision Zone, vegetation including Haloxylon, Gon, Wild Spinach, Chickpea, Kakotti, Ferryon, Flower Wheat, Chickpea, Angus, Lily of the Valley, Melika, Chasheres, Mirhosan hats can be found in areas where soil salinity is slightly reduced. Caravanshahr, Ephedra, Scanbill, Taha, Schech, Parand, Gaz, Lemon, Chamomile, Field Nocturnal Meat, Rhubarb, Esfand, Salad, Salmon, Chirinck.
    Due to salinity of the soil, there is no weakness of vegetation or lack of fresh water springs in the wildlife area. But on the edge of the region's wildlife area is wolf, jackal, ordinary fox, hyena, jubilee, deer and bass. Hobara, Bahri, Deliege, Quebec, Thio, Quail, Dagger's Eagle, Chamomile, Pigeon, Yokerim, Owl's Shrine, Indian Gingerbread, Evanbakk Habal's Tail, Red-Eye Dwarfs and Ornamental Sparrows are among the birds in this area. Various types of reptiles are found in the area, including turtles, as well as the family of acami, salamanders and skinkers. Another reptilian family can be referred to goats
  • Outlook

    In the south of the area of Deh Ismail, there is the Luttian Pash Truud, which is located on the margin of the saltwater and cluster marshlands. Salt domes are scattered in the east and west of the region and have doubled the beauty of the area.