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Arasbaran National Park

(31 رای)

National Park and Arasbaran Protected Area are among the natural attractions of East Azarbaijan, which extend from the north to the Aras border, from the south to the highlands of Tabriz and Sarab, and from the east to the border with the provinces of Ardabil and East Azarbaijan and to the west. The cities of Jolfa and Marand are limited.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Arasbaran Region.

Arasbaran protected area with an area of 80654 hectares is located in Kalibar and Khodaafarin. The highest altitude is related to the hot water that is 2887 meters high and the lowest elevation in the northeastern part and the margin of Aras river with a height of 280 meters.

  • Background information

    The protected area of Arasbaran has been prohibited since 1964 as a prohibited hunting area, as a protected area of Arasbaran in 1352, and since 1355 it has been managed as a biosphere reserve.
  • Specific information

    National park and Arasbaran protected area have unique vegetation and animal species and forest habitats. About 1073 plant species and 320 species of animals including 215 bird species including Caucasian Black cock Extinct), Chicken, Quebec, Quercus dei, Druj, Pirate Arasbaran, Golden Eagle, King Eagle, Vulture, Homa and Eagle Fisherman, Balaban, Tarlan, Bahri, Lil, and Aquatic Immigrant Birds and Black Lacquer, 29 Reptile species, 5 species of amphibians, 48 species of mammal including: whole and wild goats, Armenian sheep, Ahu (Sari Yaz plain), boar, brown bears, black ears, wild cats There are forests, leopards, foxes, jackals and wolves and 17 species of fish such as wicker, perch, hogweed, gypsy, fish mackerel, black fish, caras.
    Hornbeam, Yarrow and Aras are valuable and unique species of the protected area of Arasbaran. The Blueberry tree as an indicator plant of the region with wild cherries is one of the most important plants in the Mediterranean wetlands with their widespread influence in this region. With more Eastern European forests.

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