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Arbab Hormoz House

(106 رای)

The Arbab Hormoz House, a building in Tehran which belonged to a Zoroastrian during the Qajar era, has been recently converted into the Graphics Museum of Iran.

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  • Arbab Hormoz House
  • Arbab Hormoz House
  • Arbab Hormoz House
  • Arbab Hormoz House
Arbab Hormoz House Arbab Hormoz House Arbab Hormoz House Arbab Hormoz House مشاهده گالری

The house located in Police Park in Tehrans eastern district of Tehranpars was restored by the Tehran Municipalitys Beautification Organization.

  • Background information

    The museum was inaugurated on Sunday (January 18th 2015) during a ceremony attended by a large number of art and cultural officials and graphic designers.
  • Specific information

    The historical house has been chosen and provided with the assistance of Tehran Beautification Organization as the permanent location for the museum and it will house a collection of artworks and historical documents, preserved and safeguarded until now, by the associations museum committee.
  • Outlook

    The beautiful old mansion was built during the reign of the Qajar dynasty in Anari Garden (Police Park), located in the capitals Tehran Pars neighborhood.
  • More Info

    Museums are an important part of a nations culture where the history of the past and present are interwoven and intertwined, art deputy at the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance Ali Morad Khani said in his brief speech at the function, marked by snowfall, Mehr news agency reported. over 10000 works have been selected for display at the museum by a team of experts headed by Majid Baluch.

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