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Arbar Rhine Kerman (Zarrud Waterfall)

(13 رای)

Rhine Kerman, also known as Zarrud, is located 14 kilometers southwest of Rhine and on the slopes of the eastern frontier of Mount Thousand and is considered as the beautiful ecotourism attraction of Kerman. it is possible.

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  • Address : Iran - Kerman-Rhine, 16 km south-east of Rhine

Rhine is a historic and tourist city in the province of Kerman and in the mountain range of a thousand. This city center of the Rhine is part of the city of Kerman and is located in the southeast of Kerman. Shahririn is one of the best cities in the province of Kerman. Mount is the thousandth highest peak in southern Iran. The mountains of the mountain range, with a pleasant climate in the spring and summer, host many guests. The highest residential village in Iran, Bab Zangi village with an altitude of more than 3,300 meters in the mountain of a thousand.

  • Specific information

    Rhine Kerman Waterfall (Zarrud Waterfall) comes from a river flowing from its sources at uplands and flowing from the slopes and snow-capped walls of a thousand such as the corncrake.
    The Rhine falls in four stages, the first stage is 3 meters and then 4 meters, the third stage is from the edge of the abyss to the point where a large stone is locked in the walls and the next stage falls from the large stone to the stone floor of the pond. The cascade and the water flow on the sloping stone wall and move along the edge of the garden and the edge of the tall stone wall.
  • Outlook

    Due to the presence of openings in the waterfall, moving in the back of the Rhine Kerman (Zarrud waterfall) and enjoying the cool water of the water creates an example of an experience that in the winter became a simple ice treasure and excitement. Awesome.
  • Must know

    The main route is to climb to the top of the slopes opposite the Rhine Falls of Kerman (Zarrud waterfall). The route is up to 3,200 meters along the river's edge, and the foothills and wildflowers have traveled along the way; this scene has created one of the most beautiful and most magnificent mountain paths in the province of Kerman.

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