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Arbaria Sulak Urumieh

(54 رای)

Urumieh Sulak Waterfall (Moana Waterfall) is located 40 km west of Urmia city and in the hillsides of the Rish valley. This beautiful waterfall is at the end of a valley full of water and sunshine in the village of Sulak.

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: D. The village of Sulak is located between the two villages of Darband and Dubi in the Moana area. Moana is a village in the district of Silvanah and in the city of Urmia, West Azerbaijan province of Iran. The beautiful valley leading to the Urmia Sulak Waterfall is called the Seven Khan Valley or Seven Springs, which provides water to the village of Sulak and its waterfall.

  • Specific information

    The main waterfall of the valley is more than a quarter-minute climbing on the upstream of the early cascade, but passengers and families are happy with the same cascade and enjoy nature's enjoyment. The beautiful nature of the Muana area is more affected by the current microbes from the Lund Star Valley, the valley and the Turgor Mountains.
  • Best time

    In the warm months of the year, the Uroumieh Salt Waterfall is cut off from the top of it for agricultural use, and it lowers the beautiful view of the waterfall, but in the beautiful spring of this kind of nature, Muana climbs up.
  • More Info

    Solec is one of the most important climbing routes in the area and a good place to create tourist camps and mountain sanctuaries.

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