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Arshkan-e Erdakan-kerman

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Erdikan waterfall Kerman province is located 2 km east of the highest residential area of ​​Iran, in the village of Erdikan and on the southwest slopes of Mount 1000. A cascade of water coming from the snow and ice of the high mountains and the summit of the thousand.

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The height of Kerman's Erdikan waterfall is about 12 meters, and it moves on a steep slope of the wall and creates a delightful atmosphere. The upper hand of the cascade, the flow of water, has shrunk shrubs and wild flowers on its own edges and makes the climbers' route more attractive.

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    Access to this village and the Kurdistan River Erdakan Waterfall is possible through Mahan city, Golzar village road, Saheb Abad village, Rask village and then Erdikan village.

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