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Asbforoshan Waterfall (hot waterfall) Sarab

(12 رای)

Asbforoshan Waterfall is located near the village of the same name on the northern slopes of Bozghoush Mountain and is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions around Sarab.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Sarab City - Asbforoshan Village

Asbforoshan waterfall is formed by joining the clear springs of Bozgosh Mountain range and has given a special effect to the nature of the region.

  • Must know

    Access to the Asbforoshan village, located 13 km south of Sarab city, is a carriageway. This village is bordered by the north to the Saransar village from the southeast to the village of the right monastery, from the east to the village of Haris and from the west to the shores.

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