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Asbforoshan spa in Sarab

(31 رای)

There are many springs and spa springs along the lush green slopes, one of which is the hot spring spawn. The spring water discharge is between 5 and 15 liters per second, with a temperature range of 35 to 75 degrees centigrade. The Sarab aquarium is in the row of sedykh sulfate waters.

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The name of this spa is taken from the name of the village that is located at the bottom of the spring of the same name. From the bottom of the hot water, the hot water springs, the freshwater spring, which is very juicy and appetizing. The spring water, due to the passage of sand and gravel, has a golden splendor and is therefore famous for the local people as "Ghezel Balagh", a golden spring.

  • Background information

    Asbforoshan Spa has been considered by the people of the region for a long time due to the beautiful natural setting and its therapeutic effect. So during the term of Abbas Mirza's reign, the ruler of the region issues an order for organizing the spa. This order is based on the construction of a spring fire in a style of buildings of the Qajar period, consisting of dome arches with bricks and lime mortar. Unfortunately, these beautiful and historic vaults have been destroyed and destroyed in the development of pools in recent years. At present, only a few examples of the main building are left between the two pools.
  • Specific information

    The highest point in the area of the design is 3269 meters above sea level and has a minimum height of 1650 meters.
  • Recommendation

    In this area, two separate male and female separate pools of 8 × 4 meters have been constructed in sanitary facilities that you can use.
  • Must know

    The Asbforoshan tourism area is located 22 km south of Sarab, and the length of the route from the city center to the spa is asphalt.
  • Facilities

    mosque, water sanitation, power supply, construction of two sanitary services, 50 alacrity, dining, guest house and ...