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Ashtah Ice Cream and Ice Creams

(29 رای)

Ice Cream Falls and Ice Creams Avesta Abrasag is one of the less well-known tourist attractions of Shahrood, which is due to the winter season. The Cascade and Ice Creams of the Avesta are located in the vast gorge of the royal castle.

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  • Address : Semnan - Shahrood city - Austa Astrazay

According to the elders of the Astrazan village, the name of the region of Avesta is derived from the Avesta because of the sanctity that it has for the flow of water in the area.

  • Background information

    The existence of a historic fort and Aras or Ores trees in this region represents its historical and natural richness.
  • Specific information

    Unparalleled features of this area are found in lesser places. Mountainous areas in different seasons are considered to be a suitable place for nature tourists to spend hours away from the hustle and bustle of mountains and valleys.
    The vegetation of this region is very diverse, from shrubbery to barley trees to arboreal trees and evergreen trees to the highest peaks of the royal feathers, and has a variety of animal species. Species of goat, whole, ewes, rams, leopards, bears and birds such as eagles and quarks can be mentioned.
    In the spring, the slopes of the two sides of the valley leading to the waterfall covered with the "Dazh" plant, with beautiful and spectacular violet flowers. Daja is known as the "Bear Pillow" in the local term.

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