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Ashzar Chahrin Rabar

(9 رای)

: Chehran Waterfall Kerman Province is considered one of the beautiful and pristine areas of Rabr because other parts of this area are covered with walnut, apricot, spruce, as well as springs, grass and river course.

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There are less than 2 km away and in the northern part of this village there is a river that flows from the highlands of Laleh Zar. After about 1000 m of walking, on the right there is a little strait that shows the sound and image of the facade of Chahrin. A cascade of about 12 meters high, which makes the strait completely different.
The greenery of the middle section in the waterfall brings a magnificent moment to any viewer.

  • Specific information

    The waterfall of this cascade collapses in the 12 m bay with a full 90 degree slope, and afterwards it traverses about 200 meters into the bed of the river to re-sprint from the fountains and drainages of Cherson, and the nature of this magnificent village To live up to
  • Must know

    On the right wall of the waterfall, there is a way to climb and climb it up. After climbing and standing at the height of the cascade, another cascade at an altitude of about 3 meters stands at a distance of about 25 meters from the first cascade.

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