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Ashzar Qaleh Jouk Maku

(42 رای)

Qaleh Jowk Waterfall is located 5 km southwest of Maku town, on the edge of the village of Qaleh Jouq and in the middle of the beautiful castle of Qaleh Jouq.

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The height of the castle for Jouk Mako is about 80 meters and its water is not very large, but its shape is very beautiful, and its accessibility is easily possible and its space remains quite natural.

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    Zangmar River is one of the most important factors affecting the climate of the Maku region. The river originated from the southern mountains of the village of Bey Jake, and after passing through a long path passing through the deep and beautiful valleys between the mountains of Karajeh, it moved northward and mixed with the Ghareh Souq river near the Qaleh Jouq village, and towards Mako, Poldasht , North of Azerbaijan and eventually the river Aras.

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