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Chaosh waterfall in the mountain village of Cheshm, from the Mahdishhah district, slips from a height of 20 meters to the bottom and brings a refreshing freshness around it. Every year, many lovers of nature visit Chesham village to visit this beautiful waterfall. The rosy waterfall, which is caused by a completely natural process, is located at the entrance of the Kyrgyz Mountains from Semnan.

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  • Address : Shahmirzad - Mahdishahr - Chalm Village - Rosieh Waterfall

This waterfall is located in the lagoon valley located in Cheshm village. Cheshm village is located on the southeastern slopes of Alborz, and has some specialties and aesthetics that fascinate every viewer.

  • Background information

    Historical works inside the Cheshm village include the Cheshm Tower and the old Twin Crane, which has been registered on the National Iranian Book List.
    The Chasham route to Du Ab is one of the most beautiful areas of travel to Mazandaran, which runs through the beautiful Strait of Kyrgyz, and there are many mountains of farms and gardens in this area. Nasser-al-Din Shah Qajar traveled from Cheshm on a trip to Khorasan, quoting Québec quails and sunflowers of the course, and described Cheshm a more elegant and cheerful than Firoozkooh Volar.
  • Specific information

    Beautiful scenery of meadows, mountains, fields and gardens and springs has turned this village into a special area.
  • Outlook

    The location of two tall mountains and a cascade between them made this beautiful and amazing, but unfortunately, the transfer of water from the spring of the Great Dome of Mount Kuh to Semnan has reduced the water of this waterfall.
  • Best time

    Due to the weather in this province, the spring and summer are the best time to visit this beautiful waterfall.
  • Recommendation

    There is the possibility of climbing in the mountains around this area, if you want, you can have fun with climbing equipment.
  • Must know

    Due to the almost hard and river route of this strait to reach the cascade, it is better to avoid taking young children.
  • Requirements

    At the beginning of this cascade you will encounter a stone. If you want to go all the way to the waterfall, we suggest you take a ladder or a rope to climb.
  • More Info

    Chasham rivers and its western regions after joining the Tahr-e-Qa'im city and its eastern rivers flow to the Mazandaran Sea after joining Tajan Sari