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Ataei Noghab Garden House

(10 رای)

Ataee's Historical House located in the Noghab village, Dermayan, belongs to the late Qajar and early Pahlavi periods.

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Due to the architecture technology used in the building as well as the materials used in it, and considering the architectural elements in it, such as the use of bricks and crafts on them, the date of the building can be late The Qajar period and early Pahlavi era.
From the outside and in the general view, the building has two distinct heads that direct the individual into two distinct, but completely connected spaces, both of which are adjacent to the south of the building and both It has a very similar decor and a brick in which brick bricks are used.

  • Specific information

    In the entrance hall of the building, an arched hinge is used which, with a slight niche, is fitted with an entrance door; one of the entrances opens directly to the interior and the other to one The corridor opens, which is a space between the inside and outside of the house.
    The architectural description of this building is from the door that is common between the interior and exterior of the building, which is located on the right, on the right side and on the left side of the building, which after passing through the courtyard is located in the middle of which there are four pretty gardens There are also openings around the building. There are several different spaces, in the southeastern part of this courtyard there are two openings, the first one being opened to the storage and the other to a curtain-coated room and adjacent to the corridors or There is a corridor at the bottom of which there is a toilet (toilet) and a roofed staircase; on the adjacent side, in the west, the kitchen area Which consists of two interrelated spaces, the first space for cooking, and the other as a warehouse. The coatings are curved and curvilinear in this area, according to inhabitants, they use this kitchen for cooking at religious occasions and ... and it is used in such a way that all the villagers in it In the same space and on the northern side of the room, a space that in the past may have been used today and is believed to have been used for such cooking, with a curved coil under which there is also a place for heating. It has been embedded in the fire and turned on.

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