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Ayub Ansari Tayab monument

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Ayoub Ansari strata is located 13 km south of Takab near the village of Durbash on a high mountain which is believed to be the burial place of Sir Ayub Ansari and hence has a special respect and respect for local people.

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Ayab Ansari Takab monument is one of the unknown works of the Islamic architecture of Iran, which is also called "Ivan Sari". This monument is one of the most beautiful religious monuments of Azerbaijan, which is expected to be 50 years after the death of this world and jurisprudence. He has made his passage, there are not many things about the character of this world, but from the viewpoint of the people of the individual region of Aref

  • Background information

    At the time of necessity, the custodians spent part of the proceeds of the endowments on the exporter and the arrivals. However, they have never been safe from the oppression of the looters, and even the looters have beaten them repeatedly and have taken their property. In the year 1106 AD. Q., several of them, Sheikh Ali, Sheikh Jamal and Sheikh Saadi, have been driven from the brutal and violent pressure to Isfahan. In the same year, one of their own affiliates, Malek Zakaria, who once ruled Sarukur Khan, counted the greed towards the lands of the endowment, and even in one case, Sheikh Saadi was beaten.
    Custodians who have been purposely engaged in their work have repeatedly sued such centers to the government, but they have never succeeded in claiming the right. Since 1116 AD. Ah However, there is no evidence of the endurance of the graveyard and its cultivation, and the only document of this period dates back to 1241 AD. Ah According to its content, the tomb custodians in this era were Sheikh Hussein, Abdul Ghaffar, Sheikh Faraj, Karbala'i Reza and Sheikh Abdul Hussein.
    In the book of Takab Afshar in the explanation of the custodians of the building of Ayoub Ansari, he writes:
    "One of the people belonging to this family said that his great grandchild in Qajar era with documents and rulings for prosecution and court was sent to the center of government, but today he died of illness near the Soltanieh, and the documents were also lost there. »
    The monastery, once visited by hundreds of people around the city of Saraqurekhan and wandered around it, was left in its abandoned monument on top of a high mountain, and some of Soltan Ayoub's followers The morning bungee trips next to the deserted trash.
    Yadollah Khan Afshar, who is from the village of Enqalobik (one of the oldest villages in the city of Takab), is reported in a text that, according to Mirza Yusuf Ansari, is the great ancestor of the Envolbiq Ansari on top of that buried mountain.
  • Specific information

    Ayab Ansari Takab is composed of two main and old parts, the first building of the tomb and the annex of the corridor and chapel, and it is estimated according to the type of materials and the type of architecture and working methods of a long history before the 9th century AH, but the section The annexation of the building includes a corridor and chapel of works of the mid-nineteenth century.
    An old part with an oval plan from the inside and an unobtrusive octagon from outside with a height of 5.7 meters, with a small door from the chapel of the tomb, is built into the construction of cemetery, lime and soils, and the protective and protective work of reconstruction. In 1993, in the historical monument of Ayyub Ansari, the cultural heritage was carried out.
    The monument of Ayub Ansari Takab is inspired by architectural style of the monarchy of Sultan Veis, which is derived from the documents related to this monument, the custodians of the endowments of their descendants, Ayyub Ansari, whose duty is to protect the tomb and harvest from dependent land as well as calculate Expenditures.
  • Cons

    Ayoub Ansari monastery has been raped by cultural predecessors over the past decades. Unfortunately, today there is no trace of the magnificent tomb of the tomb, and the antique robbers have brought the last deadly blow to this building.

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