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Bagh Fath Abad Kerman

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Fat'Abad Garden is one of the most beautiful Iranian gardens and is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Kerman. Now the Fathabad garden has become one of the brightest gardens and monuments in Kerman due to its many lighting. It is interesting to know that the Fathabad Garden is 40 years older than Mahan's Shrine Garden.

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  • Phone Call : 09136994020
  • website : www.fathabadgarden.ir_ Website
  • Price : Economic
  • Address : Kerman _ Boulevard Ha'niruz _Avtyar Abad _ Fath Abad Garden

  • Background information

    Garden, Fath Abad Mansion with the name of other Begirlbagh Garden, including Kerman Historical gardens, in 1218 AH. By Fazlali Khan Kharabaghi, who was named after the ruler of Kerman during the rule of Mohammad Shah Qajar, was completed by his son Hossein Ali Khan. This historic garden, which is referred to as the plot of the Mahāz Prince's Garden, is located in the area of 140,000 and the 4000 square meter lagoon, the remains of which are located among the Fath-Abad Farm, and its water is flowing through one of the most abundant and most famous Qanats in Kerman. The name of Fath Abad Qanat has been provided. The main building of the complex is the central mansion with two south wings that forms the core of the collection. After that, the four-story mansion was used for recreation on the eastern side of the Central Mansion. The adornment of these two buildings is known as the pattern of all the adornments of the monuments of the province, and the long gorges of the main axis of the 120 meter garden is unique in its kind. Also, in the agricultural sector, the various products and abundance that were cultivated in the garden in the past has made it special. The Fat'Abad Garden is the late end of Rostam Khan Amiri, which was dedicated to the year of 1352. This garden was registered on January 12, 2002 with the registration number 7284 as one of the national works of Iran and its reconstruction was carried out by the Executive Agency of the Endowment Development and Development Foundation of Kerman province and in cooperation with the Office of Endowment and Charity of Kerman province, 1393 e It's over.
  • Specific information

    Fat'Abad Garden is located 16 km northwest of Kerman, and according to historians, this garden was the pattern of the prince of Mahan garden. The history of the construction of this garden dates back to the 12th Qajar period. Fat'Abad Garden is the reign of the time of Kerman "Fazl Ali Khan Beglorbi". For this reason, the garden is also called the "garden of flamboyance". In the past, Fath Abad Qanat water passed from the garden, giving it some refinement.
    The Fat'Abad Garden, with its long history, was abandoned for a long time, and many damage was caused to the mansion and most of its trees were dried. The Fath Abad Farsi Garden, located in the Abat-e-Abad area of Kerman, has once been like a desert in the desert and has become a land plot, and one of the most abundant Qanats in Kerman has once passed through this garden.
  • Recommendation

    The railroad is close to this mansion, and it is possible to see the monument from the wagon when it was riding a train. On the other side of the train there are also torn wrecks. The repairers encountered a road that connected the mansion to a castle that was connected to the rails, as if the two monuments were linked together.
  • Facilities

    Among the measures taken in this garden, we can mention the following:
    Return water to this Iranian garden
    Restore the diverse trees of this garden
    Restoration of pistachio trees
    Restoration of the greenhouse and implementation of greenhouse crops
    Creating a decorative flower garden and a center for their study and sale
    The construction of a traditional restaurant
    Construction of sports grounds
    Construction of the construction and sales of handicrafts
    Construction of the axis of tourism
  • More Info

    Collection of medicinal plants of Fat'Abad Garden has been designed and implemented on an area of 28,000 meters in a beautiful and unique environment on May 25th.
    There are currently more than 250 drug species in this collection.
    According to the Road Map and Operational Programs of the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture, along with the National Documentation of Medicinal Plants, 24 species of medicinal plants have been selected as priority medicinal herbs. Of the above list, 20 species (flowers of Mohammadi, Codex, Thyme, Mint, Coriander, Tarragon, Rosaceae, Saccharum, Rosemary, Sarkharkel, Zoopha, Marigold, Marmalade, Passion, Marjoram, Saffron, Sage, Aloe Vera, Fennel and Flowers) are currently located in the garden of Fathabad Plants. In addition, other indigenous species based on this garden include stevia, lavender, brazmule, artichoke, backside, nettle, cloves, asparagus, marmalade, cannabis and mudflowers.

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