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Baghmishe Forest Park

(61 رای)

Baghmishe Forest Park is one of the largest parks in Tabriz, with many recreational and recreational facilities, including a playground and a good green space for spending your leisure time.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Tabriz - Fahmideh Square.

Baghmishe Forest Park of Tabriz was used in two phases: the first phase included the green space, Pool in the middle of the park, rocky gardens and buffet.
The second phase of the park also has facilities such as parks, golf courses, sailing boats, and more.

  • Background information

    Baghmishe Forest Park opened in the year 1375 at the time of the municipality of Fato-O-Allahi and was provided as a park for the citizens.
  • Specific information

    The Baghmishe Forest Park is one of the 5 game cities in Tabriz, which is located next to Shah Goli Township - Baghlar Baghi - Tabriz Grand Park.
  • Facilities

    Golf Course (Northwest Country's First Golf Course)
    A large swimming pool and a canoe inside the swimming pool and beachfront pool restaurant
    Health and Wellness Roads
    cycling line
    Sports halls and football field, volleyball and shooting and gymnastics.

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