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Baneh Kuh

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A sample of tourism in the Baneh Kuh is located north of Garmsar, five kilometers north of Garmsar

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  • Address : Semnan - Five kilometers north of Garmsar

Beneh Kuh Tourist Area has been of special importance due to the presence of the ancient Garmsar (eater) to Mazandaran, historically and militarily. The presence of the ancient castle of Stevenwald, the rugged hills and castle castle is one of the attractions of this area. Due to the presence of the beneh of the mountain at the end of the Hableh Rood River (which is a permanent river), birds and fishes live in this area.

  • Specific information

    Baneh Kool is one of the tourism destinations in the province of Semnan due to its beautiful nature and the passing of Hableh Rood River.
    _Walker: On the path to the Garmisar Mountains, there is the Salt Cave (Magic Cave), which is very attractive for cave enthusiasts and different environments. Tehran Gorgan Railway passes from the village of Baneh Kuh. The old castle and German architecture of the railway station are the most spectacular and historic places in the Garmisar mountain range.

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