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Basham Bakhmak Bam

(17 رای)

Bakhmakk Waterfall The Kerman Province is located 5 km from Bam city and along the river of Bakhmak village. The village of Bakhmak is located in the central part of Bam city and in the west of this city.

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In this village, the qanat strata are also another front for refreshing water, and one of the most abundant Iranian aqueducts is in Baghchekum. The length of the aqueduct is 11,200 meters and has 350 wells. The maternal depth of this aqueduct is 62 meters and the embankment distance is 500 meters. Dubai is 62 liters per second.

  • Best time

    The beauty of the small waterfall of Bakhmak is more pronounced in the autumn of Vosstanyan, with increasing flow of surface waters of the garden.
  • More Info

    The owners of this aqueduct are the villagers and the lands under cultivation of this aqueduct are 100 hectares.

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