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Bastam Tower

(57 رای)

Bastam Tower is a tall and beautiful tower in the south of the city of Bastam and north of Shahrood and the south-east of Bastam Mosque. It is good to know that the tower was registered in 1310 in the list of historical works.

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The height of the tower is 24 meters from the outside and it is close to 20 meters, and its outer shape is a regular polygonal cedar. Also, on the top of the tower are two edges of large bricks, written on it and also On the southwest side, this tower is called on a brick stone called Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim with a beautiful third-line line. The roof of the tower has fallen over time, and in the next few years it has been repaired.

  • Background information

    From the date of construction of this tower there is not enough knowledge, but according to Bastam people, this Zardashtian fire temple was before Islam, as well as some orientalists such as Andre Godard believed that this building was based on the works of Ghazan Khan Mongol and the original name It is a zeal that has been called by the time and without regard to its principle.
  • Specific information

    This building, with its exterior appearance, has a special look and feel, is one of the most important buildings in the area of Qomos, and its exterior has a magnificent appearance.

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