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Bayazid Bastami Collection

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Bayazid Historical Collection is located in Semnan Province and Bastam, and also in the present building of this historical complex there are buildings from the 3rd century AH to the Qajar period.

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The monuments of this complex include the khanqaha and the tomb of Bayezid, the Bayazid Mosque, Ivan Safavi, Ivan Ghazan Khan, Ilkhani Dome, Imam Zadeh Mohammad, Ivan and Dalan Oljeito, Shahrokhi School, Jami Mosque, Tyshaly Tower and Qajar Bath. The plan was defined in three stages: the first report of historical studies and pathology, the second report on the restoration plan and the third report on the revival of the entire collection.

  • Specific information

    Bayazid Bay has three doors at the entrance. When you enter the courtyard, you are returning to the passage, as well as the sound of sparrows and kelaghan, blue sky and yellow and orange leaves of trees beside the dome and blue tiles created beautiful scenery.
  • More Info

    Bayezid Bastami has a reputation and importance over all others, and his behavior in all men has affected the right way. Therefore, his stories and sayings are more than any Sufi and mystic in the books of Sufism and Gnosticism, especially in poetry works. Gnostic, like the works of Attar and Rumi's Masnavi, is more pronounced.

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