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Behelgard Garden, South Khorasan (Behelgard Mansion)

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Behelgard Gardens are located 150 km northeast of Birjand, along the Birjand-Zahedan Road and in the Behelgard village. The garden and mansion complex consists of several sections such as entrance, octopus, courtyard, cremation area, outside yard and stables.

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Garden entrance to the south of Khorasan (Behelgard Mansion) has a simple curtain with two-piece wooden door decorated with spherical studs. The vault forms a shallow and shallow ventral space that is located after the entrance. The Indoor area is located along the vineyard and has a relatively large space. This is a four-sided walled area, and the interior building of the south-facing garden is constructed in two floors.

  • Specific information

    The outer courtyard of the Behelgard Garden, southern Khorasan (Behelgard Mansion), which leads to the main garden of the garden, includes a building with a simple and beautiful architecture. The Garden of Faldegar was designed and built using the gradient of the earth and south-to-north direction. Exterior and outer vegetation diversity is one of its important characteristics. Gardens and mansions are being built as a resort for the local ruler during the Qajar period.

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