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Bezestan salt Nog desert

(54 رای)

Bezestan salt Nog desert is located in Kerman province and about 45 km northwest of Rafsanjan.

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Villagers produce their own salt and livestock in the area by creating ponds for salt extraction and disconnecting ponds and plains. In 30 kilometers west of Sirjan, there is also a salt water called Khayrabad, which is used for domestic purposes.

  • Specific information

    The plain of salty jujube can be distinguished in relatively unstable rainy seasons, and the clamping point of the Kheirabad salt plain in the seasons is problematic for obtaining salt juice.
  • More Info

    The village of Navek is one of the functions of the city of Bojistan, Khorasan Razavi province with a population of 1,000 people at the distance between Bajestan and Afrodos, which is separated by a roadside suburb near the main village of Ferdos-Bajestan and adjoining the village of Jazin. The climate of the village is hot and dry, and the village is surrounded by mountains and streams.

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