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Birjand Amusement park

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Birjand Amusement park is one of the recreational centers in the southern Khorasan Province, located in the largest Bojnord Amusement park, and there are a variety of electric gaming devices for different ages, some of which are inactive

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There are 14 electric games for the use of different ages from children to adults in the Birjand Amusement park. The game has been approved for 7 games with small ships, large sailing ships, children's trains, ball pools, pets, electric cars and bird seats.

  • Specific information

    Birjand Town Hall has an area of 18 hectares, and the equipment in this playground includes fan Far (Carousel), Monorail, Saba Ship, Chainsaw and Cartier Carriage Track.
    Also, it is good to know that all Birjand's Amusement park equipment has accident insurance.
  • Recommendation

    Birjand Town Hall offers private parking, a porch, an apple bar, and a snack bar.

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