Birjand Forest Park

(46 رای)

Birjand Forest Park is one of the recreational sites in the southern Khorasan which is adjacent to Mosalla Al-Mahdi; the utilization of the Birjand forest park has been delegated to the municipality by natural resources and watersheds.

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  • Address : South Khorasan - Birjand - Sanaat-o-maedan boulevard.

The creation of recreational space along the lake with a restaurant and coffee shop, and a flower garden and a bird in this park are among the special features of the Birjand Forest Park.

  • Specific information

    Forests of South Khorasan Province with 611,631 hectares are part of the forests of the Iranian vegetation zone - Turanian
    In terms of quality, 3,112 hectares are semi-massive and 608 thousand and 519 hectares of tonic forest.
    The forests of South Khorasan include about 4.4% of the country's forests and 14.55% of the forests of the Turanian vegetation and 6.7% of the province's natural resources.

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