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Birjand Zereshki Gardens (Baharestan Citadel

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The Birjand Zereshki Gardens or Citadel Baharestan is one of the historical monuments of southern Khorasan dating back to the Qajar period. The gardens garden and the building of the Birjand Arg has been registered as a national monument of Iran on March 25, 2000 with the number 3683.

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  • Address : Birjand, Montazeri Street, The Old Post Alley Range.

Birjand's Baharestan Citadel is considered one of the historic mansions of Birjand, which is not a happy day. The construction of the Baharestan Arg is under the control of Amir Alam Khan's son, the son of Amir Alam Khan I, and his important historical events can be the refugee of Lotf Ali Khan Zand and his companions to the organ.

  • Specific information

    The main building of the Bahareh citadel of Birjand is octagonal, the first floor consists of separate chambers and rooms specially for soldiers and government agents, and the second floor consists of a circular central corridor with corridors from which it is branched out. On this floor there are special places for burning torches as well as rafters, overlooking all parts of the citadel.
  • Outlook

    The main part of the villa is dedicated to the Shah's room, which is decorated with plaster and mirrored work. In addition to its special form of architecture, the Shahstani's room has been overlooking the fields and adjoining ancestors and the garden of Baharestan. Central hollow is the last floor built in a building that is a polygonal form with various skylights.

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