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Birjand marketplace

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Birjand marketplace is one of the Birjand's shopping centers, which is located in the old city of Birjand. The Birjand market has become more and more widespread in recent years. In addition to the old market, the city of Birjand has several other markets, including Sadesi marketplace , Sarposhideh  marketplace, Chahkandiha marketplace , Malek  marketplace and others.

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The old Birjand marketplace has maintained its traditional texture over the course of time and has been active and active over time. Birjand marketplace has narrow streets and in some places it is an old traditional architecture that reflects the long-standing authenticity of this marketplace.
It also has old caravans. The caravanserals' history is over 300 years old. These caravansaries are often merchant offices, warehouses and shopping centers.

  • Specific information

    The Birjand market has gained momentum in recent years and has found a wider field. In addition to the old market, Birjand has several other markets, including the following.
    Sadesi Market: Its eastern entrance is located on Imam Square and its western side is connected to the market.
    Sarposhideh marketplace: Located between two Sadrsti and Malek marketplace.
    Malek marketplace: It is one of the oldest Birjand markets. From the eastern side connected to the market and from the west side to the three ways of Asadi.
    Chahkandiha marketplace: Located in the three ways of Asadi. In these markets, all kinds of textiles, clothing, food, home appliances, carpets, souvenirs in Birjand and ... are sold.
  • More Info

    The neighborhood of this market with the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and even India of that era has made this market a marketplace for the region's index and the east of the country.
    At that time Indian businessmen came to Birjand and brought Indian spices to Birjand market and worked for many years in the Birjand market.
    In the past, the market has been in the field of buying and selling local products such as saffron, gleyme, ghiwh, wheat, barley, lentils, beans, peas, kittya and anzogas, turbot, mushrooms, dried berries, peach and apricot.

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