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Blogging of the Jumping Bridge of Bilakhan Karaj

(61 رای)

The pleasure of jumping from Bilkhan Bridge on the river and the pendulum at a height of 35 meters is undoubtedly an experience that can not be easily passed; in order to achieve this experience you can have one of the highest emotions possible during a lifetime. Experience yourself at Banji Jumping Bridge Bilkhan.

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  • Address : Karaj - the beginning of Chalous Road

The height of the bridge is 35 meters, and jumping is one of the lasting experiences for the enthusiast of Banjie Jumping. It's really fearful, brother of death, and the charm of this fun sport is that this brother drives away from a man.

  • Specific information

    : Everything happens in less than two seconds, but even the experience of one instant remembers this short moment for many years. A free fall with a rope or a special cache usually does not last a moment or a little longer, and all its wonders are the extraordinary excitement of this moment is very short.
  • Outlook

    Bildogan Bridge is located at the beginning of the Chalus road and has a beautiful view, but one of the features of jumping this bridge over other Bungie Jumping clubs is this perspective. It passes through the river bridge and you will immediately encounter a vegetation around the river immediately after jumping to the descent to the river.
  • Recommendation

    If you jump in a temptation, be sure to learn two principles of climbing and rope work before jumping in one, because before you jump, you should get acquainted with the tools and tools.