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Boof Cave

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Boof Cave is placed in the southwest of Zagros Mountains, north west of Fars province and 100 kilometers from a direct line from Persian Gulf.This cave was called Boof in the aftermath of an owl living in it at the time when it was discovered. Boof represents an owl in the Persian language.

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  • Boof Cave
Boof Cave مشاهده گالری

According to the special geographical features, this area has been considered by the archaeologists. This area is placed in a strategic passageway which connects the two plains, “Dashteh Rostam one and two”.

  • Background information

    The history of the scientists’ researches on this cave goes back to the mid nineteenth century. Archaeologists like Baron Bud, Hertz Field, Sir Olerstein, and Gireshman have gradually visited and provided reports on this area.
  • Specific information

    This cave has an entrance towards north and northwest with an area of 88 square meters. Boof Cave has four main layers whose thickness increases from the surface to the depth. The sediment of the Holosen and Polivestosen era respectively have a thickness of eighty and one hundred and thirty centimeters in which the exploration at the end of the cave hasn’t reached the bedrock except a small part.
  • Outlook

    Boof cave is located at the northern foot of the Zard maountain with a slope of thirty degrees and one hundred and fifty meters from the seasonal river called Soolak.
  • Pros

    5 historical results derived from an experiment on Carbon 14 express that the oldest residential era in the cave goes back to an approximate thirty-six thousand years ago.
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