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Borj Peak

(43 رای)

On the crest of the ridgeline south of the Kholeno Peaks in the Central Alborz Mountains of northern Iran, you will find two rocky peaks. The north peak is known as Borj.

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In Persian "Borj" means "Tower". These peaks are so called because from certain angles, they appear as rocky towers. This is most notable from the west where the slopes of the Borj Peaks make walls that drop more than 200 m into a fairly large alpine cirque. The cirque sits at an elevation of 3800 to 4100 m and houses a seasonal lake known as Kholeno Lake. To the north, the Borj Peaks connect to the 4350 m Kholeno the Small Peak (via the Jhandark Needles). The eastern slopes of the Borj Peaks are scree covered and go down to a 3970 m saddle that connects to a series of high points known as the Varzab Peaks (4036 m). To the southwest, Borj is connected to the 4268 m Harzeh Kooh Peak.

  • Specific information

    Borj can be climbed via 3 different routes (Roundtrip for the first two routes is one to one and a half days. The third option is multi-day). Some scrambling might be needed below the summits but no technical skills are required.
    Via the village of Laloon (2400 m) to the southeast. From Laloon you will hike a beaten path to the 3970 m saddle with the Varzab Peaks and then go up the eastern slopes of the Borj Peaks.
    Via the summit of the 4210 m Sarakchal Peak (starting from the 2600 m village of Shemshak). From the summit of Sarakchal you will descend the northern slopes of Sarakchal to a 3910 m saddle, bypass or climb Peak 4018 m, then go up the southern slopes of the 4268 m Harzeh Kooh Peak to reach its summit. From the summit of Harzeh Kooh, you will follow the ridgetop northwest to reach the Borj Peaks.
    Via the Varengeh Rood Village (2450 m) to the northwest. This is the longest, but probably the more scenic route. From Varengeh Rood Village you will hike 21.5 Km (13.3 miles) along the length of the Varengeh Rood River to reach the Kholeno Lake (3830 m) where you will find a perfect spot to set up your base camp (The hike will take you past the remains of monstrously large winter avalanches and provide you with spectacular views of snow-capped peaks and alpine meadows). From your base camp, you will then be able to access many of the local peaks (For more details, see " From Varengeh Rood" route).
  • Best time

    Late spring and early autumn (June, July, September and October)
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